Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Intention: Care

Care: Self care, Health care, Caring for others, Taking care, carefree... Care is my intention this week. Where am I going with that, I have only to see where this week guides me.

Last night inspired by both Jamie Ridler and her newsprint planner pad and Andrea Schroeder 's weekly intention. I wrote out my weekly goals. I consider them a guideline for the week like a gentle suggestion to keep focus and on track. I also made a big list of my March monthly goals I wrote it out from what I put in my art journal for March. It is my birthday month so these goals are very special to me and again a gentle suggestion of where I'd like to keep my focus. Along with these lists I keep a calendar with me at all times and on the Monday I write in my weekly intention. It really helps me keep clear on what my intention is, definitely a detourent from distractions. I also like to write in my monthly goals also to keep them with me. If I carry them and glance at them every now and then it refreshes my mind on where I am. I had a terrific February and I'd like to say keeping this weekly ritual of weekly intention setting has been a great reason for it. It really starts my week off on a positive note. I look forward to my Monday mornings and seeing how my week begins. Thank you so much Andrea Schroeder for this. I am hoping I will be enrolling in your Creative Dream Incubator ecourse it's okay that I didn't win the Universe intended Meg to win and congrats to her, I'm making my jealousy work for me. Thanks again to the women who inspire me and I hope we all have a great week filled with love, kindness and caring.

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