Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Review!

                                                          My Weekly Goals

What a week, sunny days and snowy days relaxing and working really hard. It has been an amazing week. I started a new thing by writing my goals on newsprint and taping them to my wall so they are in view. I feel no pressure from my goals as they are aligned with my weekly intention and usually my wishcasting, They are goals but not written in stone and help as a guideline.

Sunday-relax at home and Sushi with my guys.
Monday-morning pages set my weekly intention, Growth!! Winter break for my son, and met w/new  clients. stopped at North Syracuse Consignment and met owner and gave her Avon books.
Tuesday-Avon Meeting and new recruit and gave made new Avon connection at Denny's
Wednesday-Attended celebrity bar tending at Ale N Angus pub. and lost 2.8lbs at Weight Watchers weight in. Hung out with Alex had lunch and shopped.
Thursday-Book store with Alex cleaned office
Friday-Cleaned Jen and Ryan's new client attended the Crunch game went out w/the broomball team after.
Saturday-Paradise market eyebrows threaded (great job) Amory Square to see worlds shortest Mardi Gras Parade at lunch at Bull and Bear Pub and dinner w/Rich's mom and Crunch game.

Now let me address my weekly goals, I never got to yoga or the gym and I had salad 3days this week and I delivered Avon books but not like walking my neighborhood like I'd hoped. I did make 2 connections I actually made 4 so I was up on that one. I didn't have an Artist date I am hoping to schedule one this coming week and everyday and night I thanked the universe for everything. I am practicing gratitude. This week I definitely saw my businesses grow and my personal life as well. I loved having a weekly intention and weekly goals it really helped me keep my focus on my long term goals. February has been great. Hope next week and next month bring more love, joy and growth!

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