Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Month of Febuary 2011

Art Journal Goals and Intentions for Feb.2011
I love Art Journaling, since I discovered it about 3years ago, it has become my way of setting goals and intentions. I do normal writing journals also but this form of journaling for me has become my norm. My style is obviously collage images from everywhere, this one was mainly magazines I am endlessly tearing out images. I have a pretty big sized box to store them. My February is about love and happiness I wrote my intentions and birthdays.

This is magazine images as a collage and a few pieces of card stock for texture and a rubber stamp, I used a glue stick and sharpie for text, and a satin ribbon to tie it all in.

This page is watercolor, post-its, sharpie and card stock from @jessicagswift goals and intentions packet left over from last years purchase. I really love her stuff.
I added more text in the close up shots. Just what I was thinking and feeling that's pretty much to me what Art Journaling is all about. I love how my watercoloring came out. I was going to collage over part but I decided I wanted it to show through.

Crayon over a stencil mask and then sharpie for text.
This is my end of January page I usually just write out how the month ended. I had posted earlier my January collage page. January was very busy with lots of new things happening for me that when I look back at my previous goals for winter many of them came to fruition in January. This is what I love about Art Journaling. Things don't have to be written word for word an image can represent a goal or plan.

Acrylic Paint smear technique learned from @21secrets (loved it) black lines also same technique, sharpie to text.
Sometimes in the throws of Art Journaling I venture off w/inspiration and do a random page. I had about 5 pages using this credit card technique I was practicing and it makes for great backgrounds. It hit me suddenly that I had had a very vivid and somewhat scary dream. I decided to write about that part in here because I don't think it was supposed to scare me in a bad way but awaken some fears in me to push me harder to face them. Which then inspired a whole bunch of dream/goal setting. I love it when inspiration hits you like a ton of bricks so much so that you just have to keep going.

Gesso for a base dried then watercolor crayons mixed w/gesso using a paintbrush technique learned from @21secrets, Sharpie for text.
Keep going, being so inspired I listed a set of Spring 2011 goals, this was one of my favorite pages before I even touched it with a sharpie but I am so glad that it totally fit for a background for Spring goals. I wanted to say that you can journal anywhere and I often do. Any image can inspire you and can eventually work at some point into a collage. When I discovered this method of journaling I can honestly say it changed my life.

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