Tuesday, March 31, 2009

R u kidding me

Clients coming thinking that if they come in person it will help their cause but its a ploy by the man to hinder our quest in the wefare cause.

Meanwhile in the 'happy place'

("Happy Place" is located in the NE corner of the evil gray cube of doom its where Budha sits)

Budha sits in meditation praying the rosary to help the polar bears in their fight to dole out more welfare then is bearly possible & still be paid a days wages.

The ongoing fight w/'Man'

Ahhhh! The polar bears are attacking the stamps the white out better move in quick

Good morning

I beat the sun this is too early for me

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lunch or did someone say macho size

Guess where I went to lunch?

Almost lunchtime

Computers were down it was fab so I went walking around & found my nearest window here's the view.

Good morning from 'work'

This is the gray cube of doom. Where I fight off the evil "Man" in my quest to dole out "welfare" for the needy.

Below is my view just me & bernardo bellotto oh yeah & droopy helps keep me focused.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alex is on his way to the airport

So sad I already miss him



Alex in study mode

1st day of the rest of my life!!

Good Afternoon all, its Alex last day of Spring Break :( and we are home because Alex procrastinated and has lots of writing to do. Well he is only 16 and that's what you do at 16 procrastinate and sleep.

So I am watching millionaire matchmaker w/the old lady. (mom for those not in the know) Philip is at his mom's being the good son she had a birthday party to go to. He is the ride. Catching up on the Bravo on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. I really need to go outside and take some photos. What kind of Photo life would this be w/out pictures right.

so welcome to my first post and I hope you come back soon and I promise it would be more interesting.

Yo's Capo!