Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week in Review: Joyous!! & a little sledding to boot

                                                                Week in Review

Sledding at Centerville Park North Syracuse NY
This week has been fantastic, I've had ups and downs, new clients in my business at least one of my businesses. I've learned about what my limits are both good and bad. I realized I'm making some real friends here and building a life around my interests. My weekly intention this past week was Joy and I found it in so many areas of my daily life. From writing out my morning pages to lunch with my new friends and taking on new clients, talking about Avon and photographing team portraits. Joy can be everywhere if you are open to see it. My wishcasting Wednesday prompt was what aspect of my personality do I wish to express and it was more of me which worked really well with Joy. The more real me I express the more Joy I can express.

Joy in winter, enjoying the snow before spring comes and melts it sledding with my BF and his daughter I sled like a little kid of there is a mogul I'm flying over it! I munched it on my face and ate snow and it was fantastic and 2 days before that we had this.

 58 degrees and blue skies very sunny it was fantastic but then you have to appreciate what nature can bring us overnight.

I think it's wonderful to wake up to snow of course I don't have to drive to work in it every morning. Here is to one great week leading into another.

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