Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly Intention: Growth!!

Growth: is my intention this week, so much possibility in growth; personal, creative, physical, professional, financial and spiritual. Maybe it's all of them maybe only one. Only experiencing this week will let me know for sure. After 2 great weeks in a row I am looking forward to making it a third. Being open to the possibilities and opportunities this week will bring I welcome growth into my week. Thank you Andrea at ABCcreativity for my intention setting meditation and weekly reminder.

I also want to put this out there into the universe. There are 2 eclasses I want to participate in and I am trying to work them into my budget. The 1st one is Creative Dream Incubator by Andrea at ABC creativity and the 2nd one is Wish Big ECamp both are exactly what I am needing right now and both start in March and would be great Bday presents. I am hoping I can win a spot in the Creative Dream Incubator as she is having a contest thru Roots of She Giveaway I hope I win! Have a great week everyone and here is to all of us being open to receive what we need this week.

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