Wednesday, June 9, 2010

21 * 5 * 800 day 1 for me, a day late joining.

I joined a community that is doing 21days of 800 words a day and yoga 5 times a week so here are my 800 words. I started a day late. So here goes, this is my 800 words. I’ve already written that twice. Does that count. I’m not really a writer per se but I will write and journal away. I’ve gotten more into visual journaling lately so not so many words. I’ve been journaling for a long time but not lately. Anyhow I’m trying to think of what to write and what to talk about but I’m blank. It’s definitely not the morning pages like the Artist Way where you have to hand write 3 full pages every morning for 12 weeks as a way to bring you out bring the artist out. Oh by the way, my puncuation is horrible so excuse me to anyone that reads this.

I am having a hard time thinking about what to write and also using the s for an a. Very annoying!  I found this from Lis website which I found on Jamie Ridler’s website Saw the badge and thought hmmm I’ll check it out and see what it was. Wish I was a writer or had a plan. I just noticed I don’t have a wishcasting badge and I really should put one on my blog as I regularly participate in Wishcasting and not much else. I mean I read blogs and tweet and facebook of course but this wishcasting is the first thing I’ve regularly done besides the artist way I mean. I always plan on doing workshops but never get around to signing up and also I never want to put out too much money for things that aren’t clothes purses and camera equipment or art supplies. My new thing of late art supplies and I totally want a new camera but haven’t and shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, purses, and makeup come when I am dealing w/a lot of stress. I was very stressful dealing w/my son of late because he stopped attending school and I noticed I was trying to avoid being home and shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup as a way to make me feel better. My boyhfriend Rich saw it right away. He said I wish you were doing it for me but I know why you are. Yeah sometimes I’ll buy a cute something or other to look pretty or cute when we go out but mostly that stuff is to fill a void. Honestly I could  go years w/out buying anything to wear on my body and still be fine and pretty current.

Well that was a tangent, about my habits of dealing with stress. When I pursue my artistic endeavors I tend not to shop at all or not nearly as much. There are times when I will actually say no to my mom when I am in the photographic fulfillment zone. When I am in Joy mode. Honestly it has been a little while since I’ve been there but I know it will come back everything is a cycle. Back to getting more into these pursuits. Wishcasting is first and now this 21.5.800 and I’m thinking about doing Kimberly Wilson’s Joie de Vicre E-course. I did one of her telecourses I still have my picture of the petals on my board. When I discovered my passion and wanted to change my thinking and be more positive she was one of the first podcasts I found on I-tunes. I’m still listening 2years later snd honestly from 2 years ago when I started on this path her and Dr.Wayne Dyer are the only 2 who I kept. I have discovered so many great inspiring and creative people through her that it has really changed my life for the better. Wow its like tangent town here with me. I want to take her e-course but my issue is I will be moving literally driving across county when it starts but that should be okay right?

Okay I obviously found stuff to write about. Finally right? My paper journal is sitting there looking at my in all its college ruled glory saying write here already. I feel as if I’m cheating on it because this computer can give me a word count and I know I will stop too early by hand. I’m that way. Yoga is next I have a nighttime yoga video that I really enjoy, I love the idea of 15minutes of corpse pose trick is to concentrate on my breathe. Good luck right! Hey I just noticed I lost 2 followers on twitter. Okay I know I can’t believe I even noticed or cared enough about it to write it. Wow really Yolanda! Okay this was some serious rambling about nothing but its okay because I just passed 800 words so I’m out

Just finished my Yoga wouldn't think that would be hard but it was, my left knee was not cooperating. More tomorrow w/pictures. 

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