Thursday, July 29, 2010


Syracuse National Classic Car Show, I was told it is the largest classic car show in the Northeast here is the website 
I took a ton of photos and decided to put them together and do a video. I really enjoyed the show mainly because it truly was one of the first photography activities I've done since arriving here in Syracuse. I hope you enjoy the show.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How do you wish to nourish your self?

Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie Ridler asks us this week on
This question is really making me think, a little more than usual for an answer.

I wish to nourish my self through inspiration. Allow myself artist dates be open to inspiration. Find nourishment for my soul, my art, my whole being. Spiritual and Creative inspiration will nourish me. It's a short wish but that is what I wish. 

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Full Moon Dream Boards: Full Buck Moon

I had been following Jamie Ridler on twitter @starshyne I found her through @swirlygirl18 whose work I thoroughly enjoy. I have been participating regularly in Wishcasting Wednesday and of course through that I found Full Moon Dreamboards. This is the first one. I have been making dreamboards and collaging for about a year now and it has been interesting to see what has come about.

Here is my Full Buck Moon Dreamboard I put it together a little differently than usually but I love it, it represents my dreams, spirit and hopes and wishes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Wednesday it must be Wishcasting


                   What do you wish to Envision?

The question of the week, as presented by Jamie Ridler In this weekly installment of trying to develop a habit. We answer this question with a wish and make the wish and also wish for others wishcasters. My wish to Envision is me as a happy, successful, peaceful, yoga practicing, traveling, photographing, golf playing, adventure loving, artist, blogger, mom and loving partner. In simple words leading the life I'm meant to live.
I wish to envision this truth. 


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish to Focus on?

Jamie Ridler asks us this week.

I wish to focus on my passions pursuing Photography, traveling for inspiration, creating and collecting art, reading and journaling. These are things that help me to be calm and centered. My passions feed my soul. When I am pursuing these things life seems to fall into place.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In times of distress

You need a safe place. My dresser in my bedroom is that place its not quite a shrine but it has a little bit of everything that resembles me on it.

A little background; I said something that was not cool to someone who had been my friend. She had decided to bring in other people and use facebook as a means of attack. I apologized and asked for forgiveness within an hour of the incident. It was not accepted. I know the truth it wasn't cool but it has been done and her rant was far worse then mine (okay my opinion). I know I need to let it go and move on and be thankful for seeing someone's true colors sooner than later.

It is upsetting to read comments about poor her and how she is such a good person and that I need to grow up. I know the truth and I'm hoping that I can move on from this stronger with my lesson learned and not let other peoples comments get under my skin. I need prayers and good intentions.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Friendship faith relatioships and boys

Friends, I have 3 well 5 excellent super close friends some friendships longer then others but they are equally special and important to me. A true friend knows you and relates or tries to relate to you. They also accept differences of ideals, beliefs, lifestyles and opinions. True friends do not end friendships based on different opinions or because of opinions about things that have nothing to do with one or other.

I spent this weekend in Harrisburg PA at a Broomball tournament accompaning my new friends to cheer them on. This weekend had been planned for months and talked about at length. Everyone had been looking forward to a weekend of fun the game then the partying. Especially the partying. It was fun some issues with the hotel checkin policy but none the less the drinks started flowing and after dinner everyone arrived and it was on. Well for all but one who is a young female involved with a team leader. She is miserable and we all know the saying. Pissed off about everything who thinks nothing of ripping her boyfriend a new one in front of all his friends and then when she is satisfied that she has emasculated him she starts in on his friends. I watched stunned in disbelief that she is allowed to go on but also keeping my mouth shut for fear that I would be next. It started Friday night and
continued Saturday morning and peaked Saturday night with me as its victim and actually didn't end till Sunday with 1 team member quiting because "its supposed to be fun and he doesn't need this shit." Who does? She without authority kicked another off the team that is already short of players and came in last place. I said "she's cute but,she's not that hot" she heard that and said you are not my friend she went off me even worse then my husband when he had every right to. I sent her an apology text she said "NEVER we will be friend s leave me alone and ur ugly." Well I maybe fat but I'm not ugly. Fine with me she went off on me because she couldn't believe I said I was not comfortable letting a 16yr drink with us. She was embarrassed that we attacked a 16yr old girl when she was underage at the tournaments and drinking and no one said anything. I said I'm a parent and I don't approve
I stated my opinion. I learned that night that is not allowed in her world.

Even if there is forgiveness I will not continue that friendship. I am allowed to have different opinions and I have faith that real friends will allow a difference in beliefs. I realize that in my relationship w/my partner is what brought us together to be "friends" sometimes those friendships pursist but most of the time they don't they last as long as the partnerships last and most of the time you really don't want that kind of a reminder. I thank God I saw the truth at the beginning. This was the 2nd event that we both attended and so far she is two for two. I will pray she will calm down and find happiness and learn to edit and think before speaking and realize that "control freak" and "being right" aren't necessarily compliments.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sharon Jones is Fierce

I just had to say that found a used cd store in downtown Syracuse & fell in love. I love album cover artwork & have been avoiding starting to collect them so mayb I will just photograph them to save space.

Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish for in your Relationships? Jamie Ridler asks this week and what a perfect question for me this week.

As I sit in the car next to my boyfriend as he drives. I think after just under 2weeks of shacking up I wish for continued love, harmony, a strong feeling of togetherness, continued mutual interests, plenty of smiles and laughter and lots of sex well that is just one of my relationships.

My relationship w/my 17yr old son I wish for love, respect, and an open dialogue and continued inside jokes and a wonderful shared sarcasm.

My wishes for all my other relationships is love, respect and an open mind. I think I am filled w/love today and want to approach everything with love. Happy wish da to us all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Move me Mondays

Fireworks move me & sometimes get me in a romantic mood when I'm sitting next to my guy w/his arm around me watching the show. Makes me feel happy & loved & inspired to love more experience happiness more openly & willingly. Fireworks moved me to love more and appreciate my wonderful life with the man I love.