Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In times of distress

You need a safe place. My dresser in my bedroom is that place its not quite a shrine but it has a little bit of everything that resembles me on it.

A little background; I said something that was not cool to someone who had been my friend. She had decided to bring in other people and use facebook as a means of attack. I apologized and asked for forgiveness within an hour of the incident. It was not accepted. I know the truth it wasn't cool but it has been done and her rant was far worse then mine (okay my opinion). I know I need to let it go and move on and be thankful for seeing someone's true colors sooner than later.

It is upsetting to read comments about poor her and how she is such a good person and that I need to grow up. I know the truth and I'm hoping that I can move on from this stronger with my lesson learned and not let other peoples comments get under my skin. I need prayers and good intentions.

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