Monday, July 26, 2010

Full Moon Dream Boards: Full Buck Moon

I had been following Jamie Ridler on twitter @starshyne I found her through @swirlygirl18 whose work I thoroughly enjoy. I have been participating regularly in Wishcasting Wednesday and of course through that I found Full Moon Dreamboards. This is the first one. I have been making dreamboards and collaging for about a year now and it has been interesting to see what has come about.

Here is my Full Buck Moon Dreamboard I put it together a little differently than usually but I love it, it represents my dreams, spirit and hopes and wishes.


  1. Aren't dreamboards a wonderful thing? I started doing them about a year ago, with Jamie's site. I hope this is just the first of many for you, and that your dreams come true!

  2. What a fun and playful dreamboard! I just completed my first full moon dreamboard also and I noticed that we both have the "feel the love" bubble on ours! :) Here's hoping and wishing that all of your hopes and wishes come true!