Friday, April 30, 2010

What symbolizes me

This is a photo of my necklace I wear almost daily 3crucifixes a turquiose bead a small silver engraved square & a circle on a leather cord. After I discovered my purpose, my bliss, my joy, my lifes calling, whatever you want to call it. I wanted something that symbolized that
I get a lot of questions about it mostly is it Lucky Brand or where did I get it. Its not Lucky Brand & it comes from @ this point 6 places. I'll start w/the the turquiose bead as that was the 1st thing I bought with this idea of a symbol in mind. Turquiose is supposed to have healing powers but for me it represents the southwest which is a place truly love & feel most @ home. I found the bead on a day trip to Palomar w/my husband. I know not the southwest but it's symbolic. I bought 3 beads but only stuck w/this one. The next item is a silver engraving its 2sided made by Cecil Henry he sells @ Canyon de Chelly in AZ it is probably the most beautiful piece I own my opinion it represents my love of nature and outdoors i.e. landscape photography especially the southwest. My fancy cross was given to me by Jason La Pierre nicest guy but the timing was off. To me it represents my heritage & freedom he took me too Chicano Park in San Diego & I met a real muralist & where I rediscovered my heritage & realizedthat I am also an artist. It also represents ornate beauty and that you can love someone and not have to be with that person. So the fancy silver cross is my Mexican self regiven to me by Jason. The circle says Dream I found it @ a Hallmark store & bought it nothing more to it just Dream is perfect because I want to live my dreams. The turquiose cross represents love & relationships I bought it on my 1yr anniversary while @ the gem show w/my husband @ the hotel we had our reception at. It's symbolic of being Catholic, the southwest, love & relationships not exclusive to your spouse. Mostly symbolic because I bought it for me for an anniversary it spoke volumes of the future of our marriage. My last cross was from Monument Valley bought in the park from a Navajo. My dream trip of a life time "ahe'hee" for Monument Valley. It to me is the most beautiful place on earth. I've never been more home then I was there. It represents me as a whole filled w/joy & passion. Again "Ahe'hee" thank you in Navajo. This writing just brought me back to that place that wonderful moment in time. It was my Paris. I'm love my necklace and only add to it when the feeling is right. I'm glad that only one piece was a gift and that gift is so big he will probably never know.

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