Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thoughts & Journaling

I took this photo of the backside of my journal . It is filled w/quotes that I printed & using address labels stuck to the back of my journal. Many are faded but I can still read them I have a few layers now but that is okay. I write or journal a lot I still try to do my 3morning pages a la "the artist way" but that doesn't always happen and that is okay to. Many things in my life are about to change within the next month journaling has helped me keep perspective on this. Its also helped me deal w/my home life which has been very stressful as of late w/my teenage son & my mom. My journaling reminds me to get quiet, get back to nature, get focused, breathe, take a moment and pause. Right now I am pausing because my heart rate went up & I felt stressed & ready to cry. I will take a breath & write it out and know that this too shall pass. A quote I have on the backside of my journal.

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