Thursday, January 27, 2011

Photo's of my dreams!

I found a great worksheet on Susannah Conway 's blog Unraveling the year ahead it's a fantastic worksheet to help set your year like unravel your year. This is the upcoming 12 months in collage. I keep this in my calendar so it's close to me. I thought I'd photograph it and share it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Alex playing guitar
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A revamp if you will!

Tonight I've decided that I will use this blog for what it was originally intended Photography. It is my Photographic musing so that is what it will be I will comment on my photographs but things like Wishcasting, Weekly Intentions, and Friday5 will now be on my other blog Refusetodressmyage. So join me there.

Thank you

Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Intention: What do I need this Week: Faith

                         What do I need this week: Faith

Thank you for the weekly intention prompt Andrea at ABCcreativity last week my prompt was Prosperity and it really did seem like it was a prosperous week. I love my weekly intentions it really does set up momentum for the mind.

This week it's Faith, Faith that everything will work out and that there is never a need to worry. Faith to remain positive and change my outlook to a positive one. Focus on my blessings, be thankful and joyful for what I have been given. Believe what I know in my heart to be true and live it because it's real. Faith that miracles happen every day every moment to me. Faith that self doubt is a useless thing to be gotten rid of and faith that the Universe wants the best for me and there is plenty of good in the Universe to go around.

May we all have a great week. Thanks Andrea

Friday, January 7, 2011

Yes, I Paint! & Time for my Friday5


from Christmas morning 
Friday5 is back, after a long holiday hiatus. So here goes 5 things I'm thankful for....
1. My Hello Kitty slipper booties from my wonderful BF as I opened them and proceded to put them on immediately and wear them for 2wks straight he said "I know my girl and she is a hello kitty girl" He knows me so well! That's why he got NJ Devils stuff and lots of it and Boston stuff too. He is so cute and sweet to me. I love to putz around the house in them

2. Fresh Snow. I love how beautiful it looks, I love going out in the early morning with my camera and seeing what nature brings. Sunlight thru snow is amazing photographically and especially in first light.

3. Gym time alone or with my gym buddy Kathy or my son or BF, either way the gym really invigorates me I love doing the circuit and then jogging on the treadmill. For some reason the gym really clears my head and brings me to appreciate all that I have and keeps my positive mood going.

4. Painting, yes I do paint right now completely doing weird pastel abstract psuedo color blocks like I'm channeling Chagal and Pucci kind of weird but hey Painting is like meditating and creating your own art work for your home makes your home uniquely yours and special in a standout way.
Okay yeah it looks like a kid did it but it's not done and I'm using this technique using watercolor crayons and gesso. Love the way the color comes out.

5. Doing the splits, yes at 43 years old I can do them thank you Yoga!

What else can I say for Friday5. I am grateful to the Universe for all that I have been given for being so blessed. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish to say Yes to?

                             Thank you , Thank you, Thank you Jamie Ridler for the prompt!!

It's Wednesday must be Wishcasting! I wish to say yes to Opportunity. To have yes as my word for things that come into my life to move me forward and benefit my dreams and wishes. My very secret pipe dream wish is to have a travel show so why not put it out there!! I love travel, I adore it in every form like roadtrips, airplanes, trains, buses if I'm traveling I'm beyond happy I'm my true self especially if this travel involves my camera. Seriously I wish to say yes to opportunity! YES YES YES!! Thank you Jamie Ridler you are a gift! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Weekly Intention: What do I need this week? Prosperity.

Weekly Intention: What do I need this week?   Prosperity.

For the 1st Monday of the year I am setting my yearly/weekly intention. My word for the year and intention for the year/week is Prosperity. I believe that the Universe is abundant and there is plenty for all of us so I am choosing to believe that I will be prosperous this year. Prosperous in love, relationships, friendships, creativity, finances, in weight loss, travel, physical activities, fun adventures, and personal growth.

My Art Journal Collage page for 2011
 Thank you Andrea abccreativity for the prompt!