Sunday, May 30, 2010

3days of creativity

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Flower Moon

Dream Boards my intentions @ the new moon.

To love more
To live more fully
To update my blog twice a week
To practice yoga 3times a week
To meditate 3times a week
To face & complete one big task once a week.
To photograph once a week
To make something w/my craft supplies once a week.
To start packing for my move
My new moon intentions & my new flower moon dream board.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wish Casting Wednesday: What do you wish for your Space?

What do you wish for your Space?

I wish for my space to be inspiring, organized, bright, cheerful, warm, open and full of great light. I also wish for my space to be a place to go to create, sometimes escape, sometimes have a friend or a workshop, to store all my unique finds and crazy ideas and the not so crazy ones. Mostly my wish is to thrive in my space. I also wish this for all of us wishcasters!!   here is the link to share this great idea, Thanks Jamie

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Everyday beautiful

Sitting waiting for my oversized very much loved denim comforter to dry. I looked up from my magazine and thught beautiful. Sometimes life brings you a laundermat and sometimes oversized bedding does. In those moments you can choose to see the laundermat as a chore or as an opportunity to find beauty. I love this photo its one of those photos that you take and love and want to share and about 2 other people will get it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

What is beautiful?

As I walk thru what will be my new neighborhood in Upstate New York (the move is no where complete) I find myself asking lots of questions. The first one being what is beautiful. I'm making a life changing move for love & I find that sometimes just sometimes me the girl who loves the southwest finds herself wondering why am I moving to the east? Love,passion, change of scenary, escape, security, fulfillment. What does this have to do w/what is beautiful & a tree stump w/wild small blue flowers well ne word everthing. What we see or deem beautiful changes all the time so now along w/the southwest I also think the east is beautiful and not in that typical green trees creeks blah blah post card way but the little things that might go unnoticed way. Like a small blue flower growing out of a stump way. Here's to Big Things & Wild Dreams like like life changing moves across the country.

Friday, May 14, 2010

On being a woman on the verge of everything.

I took this just before rushing out to work in one second i looked down and there it was my entire life on the night table. Right now I am living amongst boxes mostly packed and some unpacked almost ready to move again. All my dreams and hopes in jars of holding off the inevitable wrinkle the frizz from my hair, flower pins, point and shoot camera, my cross necklace, a lens cap, my Goddess wish, many perfumes that make me feel even more like a girl than all the lipgloss and Hello Kitty stuff in the world. Behind the event fliers are a picture of my son and dog and the 1st card my boyfriend ever sent me. All my dreams hopes wishes fantasies and loves on a table that is only temporary.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zen Life Project : Clean your bathroom counter

Here it is I cleaned my bathroom counter as part of zen my life project. #Iamazengoddess

My Zen Goddess Goal

  My Zen Goddess Goal is to live my authentic life as a creative artist/photographer/blogger and be financially successful to boot. Thanks
to Lisa Sonora Beam's tweet and Goddess Leonie So I did my project today and yes a little lighter. Thank you Goddess Leonie.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wish Casting Wednesday

 The Question, What do you wish to experience? 

What I wish to experience is my authentic self. To be completely and 100% honest w/myself about all aspects of my life. Its a short post because to be honest that is my wish and so I also wish for everyone that reads this to be honest w/themselves and be true to your dreams and desires.


Monday, May 10, 2010

My roses

They opened beautifully, stunningly gorgeous 2dozen from my BF he is the sweetest NY tough guy but a total softie when it comes to me. So smitten.

Where oh where has my creativity gone???

I normally take a few photos a day. The past few days or week other then snapshots I have not seriously brought out the big guns & taken serious photographs. I am wondering what is taking my time or my thoughts away from my passion. Do we lose ourselves in the regular day to day work home life sitting watching TV dealing w/mom & son & new man. Part of me is wondering if I'm losing myself in my new relationship or using that as an excuse to escape. I think its probably a little of both. Time to start carrying my camera around once on me it takes over I will let it take over & consume me in the way only it can.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Rules Do You Wish to Make or Break?

I found this in a tweet swirlygirl18 retweeted starshyne this link for #Wishcasting Wednesday. Here is the link 

So I took a picture of my rule and somewhere in this work dream board I have rules to live by and rule #3 is forget the rules. I think sometimes that should be the rule.
I also think a great rule for me to make for myself is move past your fear and see what happens...........
I definitely want to break the rules that would instill fear.
Not feeling very insightful at the moment so my new rules for me are
1. Move past fear
2. Be open to what rule #1 will bring
Rules to break:
you are too old.
Moms/wives don't do that
You don't have time
You are a girl
Aren't you afraid
I guess I'm more of a breaker! or I secretly hope that I am a rulebreaker/rebel. It always sounds cool.