Friday, May 21, 2010

What is beautiful?

As I walk thru what will be my new neighborhood in Upstate New York (the move is no where complete) I find myself asking lots of questions. The first one being what is beautiful. I'm making a life changing move for love & I find that sometimes just sometimes me the girl who loves the southwest finds herself wondering why am I moving to the east? Love,passion, change of scenary, escape, security, fulfillment. What does this have to do w/what is beautiful & a tree stump w/wild small blue flowers well ne word everthing. What we see or deem beautiful changes all the time so now along w/the southwest I also think the east is beautiful and not in that typical green trees creeks blah blah post card way but the little things that might go unnoticed way. Like a small blue flower growing out of a stump way. Here's to Big Things & Wild Dreams like like life changing moves across the country.

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