Monday, May 14, 2012

I think I finally understand space or the concept of Space.

I finally figured out Space and this is me finally being serious and creating space/time in my life to school. & isn't that a super cute wallet?

I found these at Target crazy crayons love them to death. Using them as much as possible. It's amazing what you can find space for when you are creative and these babies can't help but make you feel creative.

My shadow the space between me and my shadow.

The LA Kings made space in my wardrobe/closet for this lovely baby, because we are going all the way. BECAUSE IT'S THE CUP!!

Cinco de Mayo, cooked all day and had friends over drank tons of Margaritas ad made space to party, then the next day I had to make space to hug the toilet. It was awesome.

Dying to make space in my bedroom for this!! Love it!!

My neighbor/friend Amanda loaned me this and in reading the intro I had a light bulb moment about space.

My Cinco de Mayo companion, it went down SMOOTH!! Until 6:30am that is!

Need to make space in my living room for this baby perfectly matches my drapes and throw pillows. 

Out fishing the color and the water were perfection. I love early evening just before sunset when all the colors change.
How I'm creating space in my life for things that arrive in it everyday. We never seem to have time or space but now I'm realising I have plenty of both.

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