Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Intention: Serenity, Peace and financial Miracles!

This is a short week for most people but for me it is a long one. Thanksgiving is Thursday and we are having company which I'm very much looking forward to but Wednesday is the challenge Weight Watchers weigh in and school is out and it's a day for preparations. Finish house cleaning one last run to the store always something left to do or forgotten till the last minute. All those things make me think my weekly intention is 3fold Serenity, Peace and a Financial Miracle. I intend to stay calm and enjoy the quiet moments I know there will be some take deep breaths and focus on my breathing in order to stay calm and create a serene peaceful aura around me and the financial miracle because sometimes things come up that blindside you and you are not prepared for even though you think you are. I am holding these intentions in my heart and will keep them there to guide and influence my week.  Namaste!

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