Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly Intentions: Uncover myself/ August Break day 23

Thank you Andrea from @ABCcreativity for the weekly intentions prompt.
My Intention for the week is to Uncover Myself, my true self from the fear, masks, self doubt and insecurities that are placed there by the ego to "protect" me. I want to Uncover what I can do and accomplish this week with my authentic self. I have new daily goals and monthly goals and seasonal goals they are all in the same lines so as to not conflict. Funny I don't have weekly goals but I think that my intention is my weekly goal.
Last week was to cleanse and not until Sunday did I realize that it had happened when I lay in my freshly made bed my cold gone that it had been a week of cleansing. It is amazing how these weekly intentions even when you are consciously thinking of them play into your life and you so the results. My apartment looks great btw!


  1. I love your intention for the week! I've just started making intentions this week but I have realized in the last month or so that if we're mindful of what we want for ourselves it starts to happen. I look forward to reading your future intentions and your blog!

  2. This is so beautiful! Have fun in your discovery!

  3. it is amazing the way these intentions work!
    uncover myself is so perfect, i'm seeing an amazing week of discovery for you.