Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm with the Band

I'm w/the band
  Okay Friday Mar.5th, I attended the Skinnie Magazines top 100 bands event at the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA. 4 floors 10 stages tons of bands and tons of people also tons of vendors. I went to watch and photograph my ex-roommates band (Bernie Rodriguez & Jesus Nunez) the Inkblots. (Inkblots members Sam Munoz, Bernie Rodriguez, Irving Nunez, Jesus Nunez) They were very good and now I finally have a t-shirt. I took about 100 photos of them. 

So here's the deal I love photographing bands especially when they have good lighting which most of the time they don't not the bands fault usually the venue. Bad lighting small stage seems to be the norm, just makes it a better photographic challenge. But this venue had a big stage and decent lighting. I think next time though I want to bring a ladder crazy huh! I'm already having visions of falling off. 

I shot these w/my canon rebel XS and I used 3 different lenses kind of a lot of changing around but I am trying to see which works the best. I used my canon 50mm f1.8 most of the time it and then my kit lens but its not the usual kit lens its the canon 18mm-55mm f3.5.-5.6 that was 2nd most and the 3rd was my Sigma 70mm-200mm f4-5.6 was used the least. I was close enough to the stage were the zoom just was not necessary. So below are some of my photos and the links to the band and the event. Enjoy and leave comments.

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