Monday, April 20, 2009

Height of color apparently this weekend was the explosion of color.
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Went to the Flower fields in Carlsbad Ca so here are some of the pictures I took. Hope you enjoy.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here is the annoucement

A full page add in the paper & my name was there somewhere. This is from the spirit of volunteerism awards luncheon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here is my certificate

From the spirit of volunteerism

Spirit of volunteerism award

Philip& me @ the orange county spirit of volunteerism award ceremony.

Monday, April 13, 2009

& the war in the evilgraycubeofdoom cont

So we join the polar bears once again, in a tanglement of office supplies.

They are trapped in the paper clips & can't get out. How will they ever answer the phone on the 2nd ring & continue to provide great customer service plus 1 %?

Easter is over & now 2 work

Honeybaked ham Good! Work bad!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

& now sal & his cousin

Late in the evening Sal and his cousin joined us on the Patio at Lola Gaspar's. Did I mention Sal smelled great. I know TMI for a old married lady like me but hey get in where you can right. Enough, Philip was right next to me. The Cousin bought a round of Kamekazi shots and away they went. Very yummy and thanks Cuz for helping me get my buzz on!! Totally loving Lola Gaspar's!!

Lets do a pubcrawl count down shall we!

1. Memphis, Midori sour, gumbo

2. Tommy Pastrami, Margarita, french fries

3. Jasons, pomagranite marghatini

4. Crosby's, Sangria (awesome music)

5. Proof, Midori Sour

6. Memphis, Midori Sour (playing it 80's old school)

7. Lola Gaspar, Estrella, Sangria, Kamekazi shot, Sangria

That is a lot of alcohol! Favorite places each one because they all had a different vibe and different crowd and after the 1st place we ran into familiar faces and that made it more fun. There was a foursome on the same route it was nice to chat w/them and it was nice to see that there is a good age range of people participating. Next month I hope I can hit all the places but if you are having a great time why leave.

Drink #7

Lola Gaspar's was my first beer of the night (nice lager) and the last stop. Loved the atmosphere and it was quiet in a great late night dark Spanishy kind of way.

Me & greg @ lola gaspar

Seriously am I drunk yet? Me and Greg Luna in the patio at Lola Gaspar.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guess why it was philips favorite place

Chicks behind the bar, I was told no pics.

It goes on my 5th drink baby&bunny ears

Pubcrawl continues

Philip& green hat stranger we've been invited to a after party

Philip eating potstickers

A little spicy but still not sharing

#3 Jasons

Drink #3 @ Jasons promogranite margatini not drunk yet

The crawl begins

Tommy pastrami check
Margarita check
2nd place kitchen closed so Yo will drink instead

Lotus flower & lily pads

More from the mission

San juan capo mission

Its a beautiful day here @ the mission. I never caught up w/my group but I went anyway.

San juan capo

@ the barn antiques taling a shopping break from a photo day & what do I see but my very collectable warner bros character glasses. Are they kidding $20bucks not happening here.
Okay Born I love Born and they are so crazy comfy maybe not the best looking shoes but I like them. Holy cow I am old these are totally earth mother type.
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Okay love these J-41 one of my favorite brands. I am all about casual outdoorsy shoes. Now I just have to make them fit!!
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okay way more my speed!!
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Okay these are just wrong crocs w/a buckle so wrong in so many ways.
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Hello lover!! Okay I was laughing when I saw these but on I'm in LOVE!! Yeah I can't believe it either. I think I'm losing it or my sense of style and taste is gone. Wow that would be sad and wrong.
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Okay can that strap and buckle be any bigger? Kind of thought I little bondagey but not on it just looks bad on my feet.
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And these fabulous Guess gold heels. I love me some Gold Shoes!!
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Last night mom wanted to find some shoes for her brown dress so off to DSW we go. I couldn't believe she even suggested DSW. She is even more of a snob then I am.
I of course can't be bothered to help when there are shoes like this to be tried on. Fierce baby looks like I have ropes around my ankles in a crazy ass brown leather very high heels way. Actually on they aren't as bad as they were just stilling there in the box.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Meanwhile in the 'HappyPlace'

Budha is thirsty & wondering where the Polar Bears are and hopes they are not goofing off while the fight w/"The Man" wages on.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh yeah and this was the sky on my way home!! So incredible.
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My friend was waiting for me to get home!! Say hi birdie!!
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