Sunday, April 12, 2009

& now sal & his cousin

Late in the evening Sal and his cousin joined us on the Patio at Lola Gaspar's. Did I mention Sal smelled great. I know TMI for a old married lady like me but hey get in where you can right. Enough, Philip was right next to me. The Cousin bought a round of Kamekazi shots and away they went. Very yummy and thanks Cuz for helping me get my buzz on!! Totally loving Lola Gaspar's!!

Lets do a pubcrawl count down shall we!

1. Memphis, Midori sour, gumbo

2. Tommy Pastrami, Margarita, french fries

3. Jasons, pomagranite marghatini

4. Crosby's, Sangria (awesome music)

5. Proof, Midori Sour

6. Memphis, Midori Sour (playing it 80's old school)

7. Lola Gaspar, Estrella, Sangria, Kamekazi shot, Sangria

That is a lot of alcohol! Favorite places each one because they all had a different vibe and different crowd and after the 1st place we ran into familiar faces and that made it more fun. There was a foursome on the same route it was nice to chat w/them and it was nice to see that there is a good age range of people participating. Next month I hope I can hit all the places but if you are having a great time why leave.

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